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Grateful thanks to Torchlight Procession

Organisers of the Peebles Hogmanay Torchlight Procession have announced that over £1300 was raised from the event and will be donated to the Peeblesshire Youth Trust. Over 700 people bought torches for the event, with around 3500 spectating or walking in the procession which created a beautiful river of flames through the town and along […]

There’s Room to Reward!

We were delighted this week to present our of our valued volunteers with a special award; David Swan, who has helped us with fundraising for PYT over recent years, and who is also now a mentor, has earned a well-deserved overnight break, thanks to our partnership with “Room to Reward”. We hope you enjoy our […]

Healthy Secrets with Jammin’ Fitness

Our young people recently enjoyed a workshop with Andy of Jammin’ Fitness to focus on the secrets to successful transition! A high energy session which had us moving, thinking and performing, to be the best version of ourselves. We left with some top tips – we loved “Have an attitude of gratitude”, “Motion gives you […]


We were delighted to recently celebrate the anniversary of 10 years since Peeblesshire Youth Trust gained charitable status. Having started out by supporting one child in his transition from primary to secondary school, we have grown over the years to now support around 60 young people every year, with valued engagement from up to 90 […]

Positive Transitions project 2019

Peeblesshire Youth Trust worked with Tweeddale Youth Action to deliver a programme of support for local children moving into S1 at Peebles High School this year, with opportunities to attend a residential and join activity sessions. Our sessions were a great way for children to meet others from the primary schools across Tweeddale. Whilst the […]

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