Christmas Hampers 2020

Prior to Christmas, Peeblesshire Youth Trust delivered 120 Christmas Hampers (ca 800 full carrier bags of groceries, household items, toiletries, fruit and vegetables, festive and other treats) to families across the Peeblesshire Community and (a little belatedly) we would like to extend our thanks to our many local supporters.

As well as thanking the local supporters, we would also like to thank a small number of individual supporters who donated cash and goods who chose to remain anonymous. Their support (including a cash donation from one individual who received full pay whilst furloughed during the pandemic and who wanted to give something back to local families) enabled us to top-up shortfalls in core supplies and to provide extra festive treats to make our hampers a little more special.

2020 was a particularly difficult and challenging year for many of the 120 local families (253 children) we supported and who were nominated by schools, health visitors, social services, the local Foodbank and our Citizens Advice Bureau. The hampers made a real difference to them and our deliveries was a truly humbling experience. Everyone was grateful for the additional support and whilst some were outwardly delighted and couldn’t thank us enough others were a little overwhelmed and some, very sadly, were reduced to tears.

Thank you to everyone who generously donated goods and funds for our hampers and a huge thank you too to our fantastic volunteers, especially our lead coordinator Grace who provided valuable support with packing and distribution. Without the support of all of you the provision and delivery of our hampers would not have been possible!


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