Picture1Okay, so picture the scene, it is Friday night, you are sitting having a nice, well earned, glass of something yummy, when your phone pings.  It’s a text from a friend saying “Will you run a 10k trail run with me in October”, foolishly you think—”that sounds like fun” and a couple of clicks later and you are entered.  You wake up on Saturday morning with a definite sense of “Oh good grief what have I done”!

However following more sober reflection it actually sounds like it will be really fun, and it isn’t until October so there is ages to train, or so I am told.  I have downloaded an app so what could possibly go wrong?

The last stretch of the run is to be through the old railway tunnel near the viaduct in Peebles which is going to be all lit up with some very cool music and effects going on, so should be quite something to see.

However I am a bit rubbish at running on my own and am in desperate need for some company on the route, so if anyone fancies joining me and raising some funds for PYT in the process then drop me an email and we can come up with a training plan.

The event is being organised by Hillside Outside, the brains behind Tweedlove, and you can find more information here.

The countdown has begun.

Shona Haslam, Programme Manager